Watch TBS app how to install & use on iPhone?

hello so here's tbs app it's in the top charts in us app store so to install it on iphone just type that and then you can just use your face id or touch id to install and then you should just wait so it's like around only 68 megabytes and dbs app max watching movies and full episodes of your favorite shows easy but you need to sign in of course with your tv provider and then you can watch all the tbs originals like american dad miracle workers and there are also heats like big band theory and friends you can watch apple tv iphone and ipad and there are also live sports so that's cool of course there are some issues and as you can see the average review is not that high but it seems [Music] they recently updated it and maybe it's become better oh okay anyways of course this app is only available in the united states uh but i mean there you have it so then you still can watch it you need to sign in with your tv provider and then you will be able to enjoy the tps app hope at least this was helpful if you have any other advice or comments about tbs app or you have some experience with it either good or bad just leave it below in the comments it will help a lot of people                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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