Watched TV - app overview

hello there so here is watch tv app just type got to install it so this app is like a bookmarking service or i would say like just checklist for your watched movies and series so basically you can mark your shows or tv movies i seen complete uh seasons or just series in one action you can find a lot of information like the summary actors the dice and much more so you can just search use the search function to see the most popular series uh and the bus rated ones uh yeah this app is not to watch movies illegal or anything like that this is just for you to you know to see like a overview and summaries and maybe find some interesting movies so that's basically that and yep so this is how the app looks like so this is uh yeah you can see home so then uh yeah you can track your popular movies top rated uh and then you have yeah you can search so you can see like top rated movies and then from here you just can find super cool ideas uh like for example parasite you you can see all the summary you can see cast you can see crew it will be interesting if you can tap on the actor and i will see all the other movies then you can see trailers and you will be redirected to youtube and then i just want to add this movie and then it just appears here [Music] so that's that's basically it and then it appears in the tab unwashed if i then tap on it and then i can just tap do you do you really want to mark this movie as watch and then just tap yes so that's the simplistic idea of this app but it sounds looks simple but it's pretty useful uh yeah because there are so many different movies and you just want to have one place like i want to watch these movies and you can do all of that in this app tensor is pro version uh you can just support uh this app by purchasing the pro version it's a one-time purchase for live and the advantage of the pro version no more ads so that's that and then you can also contact the developer you can create a ticket and then hello my problem is and then just send the ticket so that's the idea uh so yeah that's the app i hope you liked it uh supports the developer really interesting app to see all the movies overviews there are also tv shows here uh yeah it will be interesting like to also have like i have season but where where can i watch it so like maybe like just description so currently these series are available on netflix or on hbo or something like that that can be helpful so thank you for watching

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