Wawa app overview & how to use

so here is wawa app if i pronounce it correctly it's in the top charts right now um so you can order food with this app and you can just get some rewards and it's quite popular so let's just go through the app and see how it works how to create an account so if you're using the app you're just gonna earn rewards and of course it's just faster experience you can select store pick up carb site or delivery browse the menu build your perfect meal order your favorites you can earn rewards so yep that's about it let's open the app here let's see how it works so here is the app uh let's wait a bit until until it applause or something yeah it just takes a while yeah i'm just screencasting for you what is happening with this app so you have a better experience so finally um please check your wireless connection okay then let's just try to create an account my wi-fi seems okay i don't know like why it takes a bit time here come on wawa app and other than that you can just find the store or you can just uh type the city here without creating an account so for example if i just search and then i can just do so yes i'm still like i don't know so finally now i can just go here access denied ah sorry guys probably it's because i'm located not in us right now so that's probably the issue here um yep uh if just this app works on the united states and if you're outside of united states and you just want to plan like your food or something like that it won't really work so i will try again but at least you have an idea how how yeah it can work but yeah hope this quick preview very small preview was helpful uh thank you for watching

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