Wealthfront app how to download on iPhone and create an account?

hey everyone so let's just go through the wealthfront app uh which is one of the popular investing apps it has 14k ratings 4.8 average rating and then you can just build your portfolio with this app easily so this is there are some really useful examples this is my first time investing with the plan and not randomly buying a stock and selling it to replace later val's front has been perfect for me it helps beginners like me set goals and gain a lot of a lot of starting knowledge on what i need to be doing in the world of investing without worry of losing a lot of money uh robo advisors especially like files front are a great place to learn new skills to help you grow your portfolio in the beginning for a very small fee and very small initial investment so let's just open the app long term wells so for example if you invest 230k at some age 1.3 million net worth at 65. no manual trading required streamline your banking and all of that so let's just try to create an account uh either you want to grow your money and set up an investing account or you want to set up banking start with investing general investing just me then just you from that and then you just sign up here so it's pretty fast and then you just need to have a us phone number [Music] just for the just for the sake of this app i will try to use this account this app uh so it's not possible to use like other countries at numbers so something doesn't work here um so let's try to get another number which anyway so sorry guys seems i won't be able to show that further um because it requires like a verified like us phone number so yeah uh there you have it that's the app if you just have any other suggestions like why are you using wildfront why not robinhood or some other apps like why you just specifically focus on this app it will be really helpful if you just leave it in the comments below                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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