Webtoon app “Come back later” can’t invite friends and get free coins

Webtoon app "Come back later" is currently facing restrictions when it comes to inviting friends and receiving free coins. Users who recently joined the platform may experience limitations in utilizing these features due to preventive measures against spam activities.

If you've just signed up for the Webtoon app, you may encounter the following restrictions:

  • Inability to invite friends immediately after creating an account.
  • Unavailability of free coins right away upon account creation.

Given the circumstances, here are a few pointers for users encountering these limitations on the Webtoon app:

  1. Exercise patience: Waiting for a certain period or engaging with the app might unlock the ability to invite friends and earn free coins.
  2. Consider exploring other features: While waiting for the restrictions to be lifted, users can explore the app, download episodes, and familiarize themselves with the platform.
  3. Check account age: To unlock the friend-invitation feature, users might need to wait a specific duration, such as seven days or months, before gaining access.

It seems that the Webtoon app aims to create a secure and engaging environment for its users by implementing these preventive measures. By understanding the limitations and following the platform's guidelines, users can make the most out of their Webtoon experience and eventually benefit from inviting friends and receiving free coins.

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