Webull customers are forced to move to Webull Pay

Webull customers are facing a significant change as they are being forced to transition to a new app called Webull Pay. The ratings of this new app have been extremely low, indicating dissatisfaction among users. The mandatory switch from Webull to Webull Pay has caused frustration, with the only way to opt out being to sell one's position or transfer crypto elsewhere.

Unfortunately, the experience on Webull Pay has proven to be subpar. Particularly troubling is the fact that users' crypto transfers from the well-designed Webull app to Webull Pay have made the overall experience terrible. Additionally, Webull Pay lacks compelling features compared to other platforms in the market.

On Webull Pay, users can only buy and sell the top 35 coins, and they don't have access to their crypto. In contrast, on the previous Webull app, users had the ability to transfer their crypto to another wallet. This sudden move of all functionality to Webull Pay has left people angered and dissatisfied. As a result, it is advisable to refrain from using Webull for crypto trading, as you won't truly own your assets in this new app.

The Webull Pay app is currently very basic, offering limited functionality. New users are unable to open accounts, suggesting that only existing Webull customers have been transferred to this new platform. The app primarily focuses on displaying users' activity and account information, without any standout features.

The reasons behind this shift from Webull to Webull Pay remain unclear. It appears that Webull Pay is being developed by a different company, while the original Webull app is still being maintained under the purview of Webull Technologies. The lack of transparency regarding this transition raises questions about the motive behind it.

If you are a Webull customer affected by this change, it may be worth exploring other brokerages and platforms to ensure a seamless trading experience. Understanding the intentions and circumstances surrounding the move from Webull to Webull Pay requires further insights, as the current situation leaves many customers perplexed.

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