Welcome to Truth Social - app overview after waiting list

hello so here is true social app and uh the waiting list is about like three four weeks or something like that but then you you can just register your username this app is still quite buggy and doesn't really work i think but then i think if you are uh if your account is approved or the white list is over this is what you can receive that this email we are excited to welcome you to true seeking community we believe in free expression and encourage all of your points as we do not discriminate against ideology new platform fixing many bugs in our technology and then you can just go to a profile so that's basically it means that i think the waiting list is over i think so then you can just tap on the button go to your profile and load via app um so there you have it something like that so just check your email uh for uh if you registered yeah via that email you should receive this kind of email notification that your account is ready and uh your waiting list is over um so yeah i don't know if you should receive this uh some notification also to your text message or to your text i don't remember if i use my mobile number there yep so something like that

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