Well Fargo app on iPhone how to install? Quick overview

there so here is the app Wells Fargo mobile it has 7.7 million ratings on the US App Store and constantly top charts in the finance category um and they just yeah they really developed a really cool mobile app so and that's from here you can quickly access your cash credit and investment accounts with such idea of ICD you can review activity and balances in your accounts your credit card transactions easily activate turn cards off you can deposit funds and all of that so yeah if you just open the app you can allow notifications and then this is how the app looks like so then you just need to log in with your accounts it's not possible to to create an account right in the app so you just need to uh to create an account on the website but it's really easy so you're just being redirected to the website and then then after that you just can sign in so and then you can just sign in in the in the app and then also you can just tap to set up face ID if you want to sign on with the with the face ID so yeah unfortunately I don't have an account here but just showing you the app how it can look like and how to proceed with it and it's like pretty nice Investment Bank also you can see that and then you can just create your account and sign in here with the details

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