Wells Fargo app - how to create an account?

hey there so how to create an account in Wells Fargo mobile banking app so here you have it you just need to enter username and password and tap sign on you can always just save username or you can also set up face ID but you need to create an account first so to create an account you can do it in the app you can just tap enroll you can then you just need basically as a sign your social security number in U.S and the state of birth then if you don't have SSN you can just check the box light but I don't have this number and just call for assistant so you can do that and then you can just enter your card loan or account number if you want and that's basically the way that's the required field which you can have here um so yeah that's basically the idea how you can create an account it's still on the website so it's not kind of in-app experience but there you have it

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