Wells Fargo CEO Mobile app - overview & what is it?

here is Wells Fargo Seal mobile app so what this app is it's basically another addition to Wells Fargo account if you have corporate if you're a corporate business customer to well Wells Fargo then you just probably need this separate app because there is already like Wells Fargo mobile app it's available here that's just for all regular customers and there is Wells Fargo's CEO app uh yeah that's basically how that the process looks like you just open up the app then you can just give access to your camera and then to log into this app you need to provide company ID user ID password and then just tap sign on so you need to already have your account created either in person at at your bank branch at Wells Fargo banks Branch or um yeah just uh go to their website it's not possible to do it via app so and then you can just proceed so it has kind of old school design I would say and then some of the services you can have like a SC age payments administration of course a lot of like Credit Management desktop deposit fraud manager um so why are so a lot of like features and mechanism to help you out with your business um so some mobile deposits you can also run reports uh and all of these things you can just check out from the app so yeah that's basically what you can expect pretty well made apps like 47 000 ratings as for a corporate app it's it's pretty nice and it's you know it has reviews from like two three four years ago so it's been here for a while uh some people still say that app crashes but these are all reviews uh but from the recent years since it is becoming better yeah a lot of people just complaining about poor design yeah to be honest so they just say like you need to fix your app fix your app guys yeah but now Sims is becoming better because average writing is still above four so potentially good uh uh that's still not formatted right for iPhone XR the top screen gets cut off the app is fairly slow to load and navigate the overall style seems old and outdated that desktop website is just an outdated uh uh so yeah that's basically an overview here and that's yeah so yeah try it out hopefully it's just improved

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