Wells Fargo Mobile app - how to install & start using on iPhone?

here's the app Wells Fargo mobile app it's one of the top apps uh yeah for Mobile Banking and it's pretty popular bank here uh yeah if you're using a Wells Fargo Bank that's the app for you it's pretty convenient you can just sign in you can go and see your account summary summary your funds like your account details your transactions transaction details you can pay and transfer send money pay bills fire money pay card pay loan credit card you can send just pay if you seller mobile check deposit you can also do it here you can explore all of these things so basically you have like account step where you have all your accounts you can deposit you can pay and transfer explore and then just have your menu so that's just basically the app uh yeah unfortunately I don't have Wells Fargo account uh but yeah here's just you have here you can also set up face ID uh then yeah you can just uh tap and roll and you can just create your account so first we need some information from you and then you can just create your account here and we ask you for ssno it into verify event if you don't have please check the box labeled I don't have this number and then uh yeah so then you can just enter a card Loan account number and then just continue so that's basically how you get started with the app and then you can just proceed further

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