What are BeReal MEMORIES? Overview

here's be real app let's explore what are be real memories so if you tap on three dots here you can see memories in your menu your memories are activated all your burial automatically added to your memories are only visible by you if you tap on question mark here is an explanation you will see memories manifesto that's the newest feature from the from the founder um [Music] when creating be real the biggest challenge is deciding what feature to build next to solve this talk to what you like i want to access my old burial post like an archive or memories feature and that's basically the whole idea about it memory zip is a private archive of all your old bureau posts only visible to you they were created by you so we saw the best gives them just to you also we hope most of you will love memories we understand that some of you may prefer to maintain the ephemeral expect of be real which is why we have made this feature optional you can choose to deactivate memories at any time this will permanently delete all your past burial posts and stop future ones from being archived i strongly believe in the right to privacy and the need to be transparent how about how data is stored used and for what purpose and this is essential to burial's core values so yep that's basically the idea of it so here you can always deactivate and delete memories but i'm not sure that like deleting memory will delete your post so for example if i have this burial post here like if i go and try to delete it will it delete only from memories or will it delete also in discovery feed so that's an open question for me and a lot of people are curious so if you have any idea about it just leave it in the comments below

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