what are the real retakes so i'll try to explain how i understand it so here's my burial so i posted my photo so you can only accessory takes menu after you posted your burial and then you can just tap on three dots on your friend's burial and then here in the bottom you will see retake then it says 5 out of 10 friends what does it mean so if i tap on it i will see this is the number of time this user took this burial but i can see number of times because you need to have 10 friends plus to see it so you need to have uh yeah or maybe just at least 10 friends should be good it says 5 out of 10 because i already have 5 friends on burial so here i have 5 friends already but yeah only 5 out of 10 so actually feel free to add me yeah this is my username so yeah what does it mean retakes so when you're taking your bureau you're taking a photo you can just cancel it and take one again because you have two minutes and you can try like few times who knows maybe you're traveling or maybe in some situation where the photo is not good enough and you don't have that much time but don't confuse it with taking a burial and then deleting it because if you just took a beer real posted it then you can only delete it once and then repost it and it's pretty complicated process and all of that uh so here for example i posted my burial i can just tap on three dots option and then i delete it but i can only do it once and then on the post again with root retex you're taking your bureau and then you can until you post it you can try again to take another picture and try again just tap on the cross icon in the top right or left and then cancel it before posting and then you can try many times so that's basically a retake and i can also see retake on my posts but here of course yeah again i am not seeing it however i know that i didn't do any retakes so yeah that's kind of interesting interesting feature and it's going quite viral in be real because the whole idea of the burial app is authenticity is like it's anti-instagram it's against all these filters and it's against like you know spending 30 minutes days hours on taking one perfect picture which describes your life and that you are living in some kind of paradise so be real is very authentic and it means that if you are taking a lot of retakes all the time that kind of that's not the idea of be real that's more like instagram because be real is just about taking a snapshot of your life and share it with other people even if it's boring or it's like very authentic or all of that so that's basically it uh so yes that's the idea hope this is helpful

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