What are Crypto.com card tiers?

okay so let's explore what a crypto.com car tire so here is the app um and then there are different cars here um and to yeah to see them and basically to be eligible for crypto.com cards uh you need to purchase cro and hold for 180 days uh so there is ruby steel privileges without zero stake one percent cash um card cashback and we see a raw stake two percent card cashback spotify reimbursement monthly fee no charge no delivery fee so purchase and hold 500 as gd wars of zero tokens for 180 days and receive the ruby steel card so which other cards then there is jade green royal indigo card um so you can have three percent card cashback airport launch all of that then there is like i see white rose gold crypto and then there is obsidian there is also midnight blue so that's your card one percent card cash back paid in sierra tokens to your zero wallet so if you just use this card you just earned this like um cryptocurrency sierra coin so that's that a free item limit four hundred two hundred dollars and then i can just and this my current card um so that's it um i'm just not sure like how to um so there is some so it's because like i think crypto.com cards are not available in all countries around the world it's only in us or some few other countries but that's that's what it is um so there you have it so that's the idea [Music] hope it is helpful um and yeah if you have any others uh any other uh like uh ideas about this um card just leave them in the comments below hope that is helpful

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