What are FLAMES in GAS APP? How to get more flames?

so what are flames in the gas app so uh Flames are sent to you when you're selected in a pole and uh yeah so let's just show it so here is the gas app you can just go to the app store or app itself because this app is not yet available to everyone unfortunately and you can see these Flames here get Flames when peaked so this is how they look like in inbox and then you will see uh like number right to the inbox uh the flame is pink when a girl picks you blue and a boy picks you and purple one annoying non-binary person picks you the pulse that you have been selected for the mod show up on your profile under top flames so yeah that's basically that you can read more about it in the gas app.co website and in case you were wondering what's uh yeah what's the difference with like purple and um blue pulse that's what it is

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