um so what is a hexagon club on uh twitter so what is hexahon profile picture means it means that this person actually connected nft profile here to the to the twitter it's a new feature by by twitter and then you can tap on nft details which means uh and if non-fungible token then you can see who is the owner who is the creator uh you can see the collection you can see all the properties and ft details uh and if these shortfall and fungible tokens are digital items that you own proof of ownership is stored on a blockchain digital database that is publicly accessible so there you have it [Music] so in case you didn't know that's it if it's just normal normal picture it means that's just a picture but like here you can see uh it's just a picture but recently like nft owner started to post like board apps on their profiles and to but then everyone can just do that and that there is no like you know verification that you really own that cool board ape but right now they just added it so super cool

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