What are hints in Gas app? How to see hints?

so here is Gaza so how to see hints so what what does it mean hints in a Gaza you know so basically if you go to your inbox uh you can see Flames who voted for you and then you just want to discover who is that so by default in a in a few version you will see great and the genders are like boy from ninth grade girl from 11th grade whatever and then you want to see some hints like uh and then you just tap see who sanded in the bottom it means you need to upgrade to the god mode it's like seven dollars per week uh yeah I can't show you in the in the screen recording but here's some screenshots so then you just tap there and then you will see activate the god mode uh so that that God mode will be activated and then what it means to see hint hint is basically just the first letter in their name so in this case can be amp whatever and then that's just a hint and you can have unlimited hints with the god mode so as many hints as you want like five repo you can just discover what's the first letter of that person is of the first time I must understand if you want to reveal the full name you can do it by typing the orange button see full name but you can only have two reveals per week that's the limit with hints you have unlimited hints uh so that's basically an overview of course it's not 100 guarantee because uh uh yeah because um yeah some people can have fake names here and Gaza app is still in beta there can be a few bugs like people can I don't know create some fake name and then you can be like Oh I'm for sure now that this was the person but maybe it's just a fake name so don't be like hundred hundred percent sure or like you know planning your relationship based on on these hints but that's just like a fun way uh so you understand

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