What are Instagram Group Profiles?

hello everyone so I'm just browsing through and there is a new feature group profiles from Instagram and I'm just going through Matt Navarre Twitter profile um so yeah so it's not like uh um it's not like a community on Twitter or something it's uh uh yeah it's kind of like a mix with a profile and a group and WhatsApp group for example so here uh they're just testing it out so for example you can create a group profile and then uh as a member you can share posts and stories directly to the group profile instead of your personal profile anyone can see what you share in public group profile admins have control admins have can delete the group profile earnings and you share it to it so it's basically like imagine you have Instagram profile but just a lot of people can post to it so it's not that like a lot of users have like a login to the same account and for example in the company you can have like social media managers which who can post um content but here you can just join as different users and post from the same profile so it's interesting concept um uh we are testing the ability to join a group profile plus share stories feed posts or real speech group members so people can connect with other orders are interested in dedicated space so that's what they wrote here um I don't know when this feature will be available and who has access to it or which users have access but that's what it is at the moment

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