What are Prioritized Likes in Tinder Platinum?

so what are prioritized likes in Tinder so this is the feature of Tinder Platinum so it's not some kind of free feature or promotion so you need to upgrade and it's pretty expensive so everyone you like will see you sooner so it means prioritized likes so basically it means when you're liking someone the people on the other side who are swiping they will see you sooner in their swipes it doesn't mean that it's like a super like when you see a sound a super like and people see you it just means that if you're liking them they will appear you will appear in their feed like instead of appearing like a 20s cards or something you will appear like a sword card or you know uh I think that's a something like that of course I don't know all the algorithm details but that's the idea message before matching also you can get that add a message for free with every Super like you send so not only super like also that so that's that but that's the price it's a bit expensive with Tinder Platinum

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