What are private memories in BeReal? Why BeReal memories are missing?

so when I open in my Bureau app here I see this your private memories are now available um so that's some kind of new feature um I don't know what that is actually um I just was looking at there is some kind of a bug that some of the memories are just not available and what the user said I was just reading through Reddit that basically to make sure that your memories are being saved first just of course update be real app and then when you post in your Bureau just keep app open for like either like few seconds and some users even like keep it open for like two minutes after they post in the be real and keep your screen on so just give that be real app open and then kind of it should help that your memories are there but yeah I don't know what are these private memories I was just looking through why be real is not saving uh uh sorry guys trying just to investigate with you there are so many new features um uh so uh here you have a option to to let others see your memories can you make this a possibility obviously you make the choice to automatically zero set to private would be nice if I could choose whether I want other people to see my memories or not I've seen the suggestion so many times uh yeah so interesting idea but yeah that's that's that if you have any other suggestions or comments about it just leave it in the comments below

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