What are rewards in SWEAT WALLET? How does it work?

so what are SWAT wallet rewards so basically if you put your SWAT coin in the gross jar basically if uh if you stake them and you lock them either for three months six months or a year you're available for some types of Rewards and for some rewards you need to have a lot of sweat like you need to have thousands like 70 and 185 380 Uh custom and if like all of that but for some you just need to have a few so for example if I have custom nfts from few and far uh so few and Farsi Community First nft Marketplace we should watch user for participating we have collaborated with them to bring you an excluded collection of thousand nfts so there you have it so I can confirm we will let you know if you win or something like that so uh the result of the draw will be sent to your email address uh for some of course you need to to have like 500 uh sweat and then it's like a water and you enter there so there you have it uh so that's basically how it works

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