What are SENDIT TROPHIES? How to get one?

here is send it up and if you go to inbox here basically there is this trophy icon and to get one of the trophies you just need to complete these different actions so first uh so get the emoji you need to get five responses on ascended that's the first trophy then you need to answer five messages get 10 total responses post five send it enter 25 messages get 50 dollar responses get 25 responses on send it and you can just see all of this and then if you get 250 dollar responses you are a tiger so that's kind of like a top trophy you can get at this moment in the app so that's kind of like a game gamification element in the app which wants to bring you more and your of your engagement and time on this app but yeah i don't know how else you can use it but yeah just in case you're wondering what that is

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