What are SNAP TOKENS? How to use?

so here is snapchat and if you scroll down to my token section uh here you will see your tokens and uh yeah here what basically that is it's some new feature which i just discovered that was in the this step was just marked as new in the snapshot settings so let's just discover together what are those snap tokens can be purchased from inside the snapchat app tokens can be redeemed for gifts to send to creators and they can also be redeemed for digital goods within games to upgrade your gameplay experience so that's that so these are not web 3 crypto tokens this is not like ethereum your c20 tokens or something like that no this is just like in inside snapchat tokens of course maybe in futures i will move it to some crypto blockchain stuff but now this is just like story gifts which you can bring to your creators so similar features there is on tick tock where you can start gifted people and to be available for that feature on tick tock you need to have 100 thousand subscribers here i don't know how it works but yeah here are the tokens you can buy them uh here it is so you can buy snap token pack 80 tokens for 99 cents and then i have uh what to do if you have an issue with snap talking if you're having trouble purchasing tokens check out there are some check out your internet connection switch between mobile data and wi-fi restart the snapchat app check for snapchat updates restart your device try turning your device off and then on again this can help your apps run better yeah so something like that yeah so that's basically that i hope this is helpful

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