What are Twitter Circles? Feature preview

so here is some early preview of twitter circles feature so this is from jason calacanis like famous silicon valley investor and then you can see that this is how it looks like the feature is about that you can send tweets to only the people you choose uh so only people in like this username twitter circle can see this tweet so you can just add like some really close friends in your niche to see this tweet and only they they will see it so it won't be available in the public feed so that's really interesting feature because there are a bunch of apps like you know where you just want more privacy or you want to discuss really just specific features with really like limited amount of of people so that's basically the idea um so that's how it works um and yeah i don't know how to enable it when it will be available is it only on twitter blue or is it uh yeah how how how it works but yeah i hope that is helpful and thank you for watching

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