What does boost do on Wizz app?

so what does Boost do on these apps so this boost is a feature on Luis and some people just confused what exactly it does so I just reached out to their support here was they say that the Boost will make sure your profile is seen by more people on average people get 3x more requests when they are boosted the Boost will stay active for 30 minutes and you will receive requests even if you are not using the app you can get a boost for free in your daily Rewards or buy one directly tapping the blue Lightning icon in the top left so there you have it uh so yeah if you tap in top left and you can just get like this boost for 250 V coins or you can get one boost for free every week if you just upgrade to this gold subscription and then here you will see like free boost every week be the number one profile for 30 minutes and receive lots of messages from you people so yeah this concept is nothing new it's just very similar to what you have a Tinder boosts um yeah you're just being highlighted in in this chat um if you're swiping you're just being highlighted and you just appear more often I'm on cards

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