What does NGL LOVE MESSAGE mean in NGL app?

so here's NGL app in case you go to settings in the top right and tap on settings in the bottom here you see this Angel allow messages on or off so what does it mean so these are basically bought messages from NGL and they acknowledge that yes we send Fake Messages that's actually pretty cool and if you enable this setting in the in the messages you will see little notification in the bottom that sent this law from Tim and gel and you will clearly see that this is a bot message it wasn't sent from a real human so just so you know there is this setting it's a bit hidden but since they were forced in court to to do that because like so many teenagers were thinking that there are real messages but in fact there were fake messages uh so yeah and then if you go if you go to uh to some uh basically your message you will see in the bottom send this love from Team NGL so that's basically means that this was a fake message and if I disable that I won't see this notification so anyhow hope this is helpful

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