What happened to HATER DATING APP after SharkTank?

so is hater date still available so the hater app was featured on shark tank uh and uh yeah i think it was back in 2017 uh mark cuban mark cuban invested in the app and the idea of the app was that you can find matches based on things you hate so like if you hate i don't know traveling then you can also find people who do that if you hate computer games or vice versa uh that's where you can find like-minded people so that was the idea of the app but since it's it's like you see the the last tweet is from uh is from 18 like 2018 and then it's just stopped tweeting and then um hater dater app uh then uh it's it's it's website is not accessible anymore so probably it's not available anymore it was available on ios and android and with these apps like you know it's it's quite easy to get hype to get some like you can even get like millions of users and sign ups for like few months and then it can just follow off the cliff and you can't understand why why is it happening so that's basically the idea but like if you have better insights what happened to this app after shark tank just leave it in the comments below

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