What is a CRUSH ALERT in GAS app?

so what is Crush Alert in gazab this is like a super interesting feature and you can get notified when someone adds themselves to your pulse um so how does it work as I understand each user on gazab has these coins and then if you have 300 coins you can do that you can put your name in your crossbow so you you know someone friend and then you pay 200 coins and then you your appear more in in their posts your name remains secret but if you have a god mode and that person spends 300 coins and put there on on your poll you will get notified so that's that like a crush alert so then in some mode you'll get notified either we are some like notification on your phone I don't know like or in the admin side I actually didn't have it yet so but I I guess this is the idea also another question is if you buy this feature to put your name in a crash poll but you have a god mode and uh the other person also has a god mode so I don't think that in that case crash alert will work because if the other person has a god mode then still they will remain anonymous however I'm not sure um yeah at least that's how it works with pulse

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