What is Autopilot Investment app? Quick overview

what is autopilot Investment app as you can see it's really searched to the charts in the finance category it's right after cash app and near PayPal and one more what is that so this app is I think is going viral on tick tock and uh yeah so it's a bit of a meme app actually but it's it can be pretty helpful so you can just copy stocks which are famous politicians or hedge fund managers or anyone investing in um so yeah exposed politicians Shady trades uh so we will continue doing what we can to expose them and invest in what you believe in so basically the idea is that for example you can find some politicians and Lafayette Nancy Pelosi and then you can see her current Holdings and then basically you can just copy that to your Robin Hood Weeble or Ameritrade so this has three Brokers which are available right now so you can just copy it there and yeah so of course it's all like estimate I think it's not like 100 true all of this here but you can see some helpful explanation here uh so Nancy Pelosi has had an average time of reporting 17 days after her transaction goes through so had trades are on average deleted uh delayed like two and a half weeks uh 85 percent of her autopilot portfolio is gotten from this reporting um while the other 15 is derived from certain public companies benefiting from legislation she supports so uh there you have it um um and then you can for example get done Christian Queen show so yeah it's uh and then you have political ETF here um and ETF of the top 10 politician Traders buys under 22 performers reported by unusual whales and yeah so that's basically how it looks like and then you can also use Warren Buffett be like man Mahal Buri some active uh and then some bearish as well so yeah that's basically the idea of the app at the moment it doesn't have that many Pilots or like these uh investing patterns but I think that there will be added more of those of course there are apps like etor or something like that where you can just copy some like top performing Traders as well but here is like super actually much more exciting because you can copy not just some like a random investor but you can copy Warren Buffett or Nancy Pelosi or something like that so yeah you can of course take all of this all these app is like this grain of salt but there can be at least some interesting ideas and some ideas for research and all of that

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