hey everyone in case you're wondering if you're watching likes listening to some playlist on spotify and there is this kind of blue dot so what does it mean so of course if there is like a red arrow it means that the track went down in the in the playlist so for example if you have like top 50 you say chart so it means top 50 uh songs in the usa today and of course some songs go up some songs go down so like if you if it goes up it's like green triangle if it goes down it's red triangle and the blue dot basically mean that this is a new song so for example today there is a new song from adele and it's like on the top one spot and it has like a blue dot so that means that this is just a new song which just entered so every time like the artist releases a new album usually you can see if it's like some big name like drag or tyler swift they just released um uh a new album and you will see like 10 songs in the top charts on spotify and all of them have like blue icons it means this is like new songs just releasing spotify                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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