hey everyone welcome to my youtube channel so i just discovered there is some really cool news for creators so cash app which is owned by square um just introduced cash app slash studios you can access this on their website it's a new kind of fun it's a new program for the artists i will try to uncover all the details which are known so far but i think it was just like three days until it broke the news so if you know something else or if it develops in future just leave the comments below so cash app studios believes in freedom for artists both financial and creative we find emerging creators break out projects to stitch cache apps guiding principle of economic yeah empowerment into the fabric of the creative industry and that's it so it's like powerful statement cash app and then square inc so there you have it and then you can just tap contact us and then you can just mail them to cache apps cache slash apps studios at squareapp.com so there you have it uh that's it that's how it works uh i don't know all the details so let's just go through some articles which other on google um so this one from rolling stone so it says that independent artists have found an unlikely wealthy benefactor willing to bankroll their latest project cash app it's just launched cash up studios an initiative designed to help independent creators including artists musicians directors and designers fund their projects so cash up declined to disclose financial details of their payments there are no details on how much they will rise on the limits [Music] but through the deals the company says any artist working with cash up will return retain ownership of their work and won't have to pay back the cash which makes the partnership seem more like grants than advances um the program will bring in artists on the rolling bison and cash up studios will remain in white only so yeah i don't know like if this program is for like you know if you're just like soundcloud creator and you just have like hundred thousand listens and you can apply or uh you need to win a grammy so so far since it's the second uh choice so it's the they're already grammy winning songwriters uh uh artist producer christopher donati pop singer jackie lee uh so yeah seems these are like really like top stars i wouldn't say like like top top stars but like people who are really in the music elite industry uh with the introduction of the catch-up studios will continue to support the freedom of the artist both financial and creatively in keeping with our guiding principle of economic empowerment we are excited to support the merchant artists who are limitless to their vision for this new program so that's the words of brian gracedonia lead at cash app so yeah before we could have seen that because before um [Music] like so jack dorsey he is a co-founder of a tweeter and also a co-founder at square um and jack dorsey brought a majority stake in jc founded streamlined service title earlier this year so tidal if you don't know is kind of one of competitors to spotify apple music and this just brought some attention because jack dorsey is also like massively interested in music so there you have it so we could have seen that that he will probably create some project like this and if we yeah on the other news that's just just uh the repeats what was already said that artists like victoria monet had already been signed up and there is no way there is no description how to get an invite you can just only write contact us and there you have it so if you have any other details if you're an inspiring artist just leave some comments below so if a lot of people will see this video it will help them to get through this so wish you luck all the best and thanks for watching                                                                                                                                                                

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