What is ChatGPT TRADER in AUTOPILOT app? Overview

Autopilot Investment App has been making waves in investment circles, and with the recent release of its new feature, ChatGPT trader, the application is quickly becoming a sought-after tool by investors. But what exactly is ChatGPT trader, and how does it work?

At its core, Autopilot Investment App was created to copy the trading patterns of top investors and turn it into more of a lighthearted, meme-inspired experience. With the application, users can copy Nancy Pelosi's portfolio, inverse Jim Cramer's, or even invest in political ETFs. With the recent addition of ChatGPT trader, the application has added an AI investor as well.

ChatGPT trader works by using artificial intelligence to analyze the most recent financial statements for each stock and then run a sentiment analysis on the recent news articles that mention it. The application then selects the top 20 stocks and repeats the process every three to five days. Users can watch the portfolios it recommends and follow its AI investor.

It's important to note that ChatGPT trader is a new feature, so while it's exciting to venture into the world of AI investing, there's no concrete evidence yet on how effective it is or how safe it is to use - and users should approach this aspect with caution. According to the video transcript detailing ChatGPT trader, however, the application's creators claim to be taking a nuanced approach by feeding in meaningful data points - stocks' financial statements and news articles that mention those stocks - and then running it through ChatGPT.

To use ChatGPT trader, you would need to connect to one of the three approved brokers - Robinhood, Webull, and Ameritrade - as of now. If you don't have an account with any of these three, you'll need to create one before venturing into the world of ChatGPT.

In conclusion, while there's no harm in testing out the AI platform as an experiment, it's important to remember that the money you invest may be at stake. As with any investment, extensive research into the recommended stocks must be done before making any decisions. Nevertheless, for those willing to explore alternatives and willing to get into deeper research, ChatGPT trader provides an exciting new tool.

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