What is COINBASE NFT? How to open an account?

hey so i just seen this tweet by coinbase which got like 6000 likes and basically coinbase is announcing the coinbase nft it is not launched yet but it will be a marketplace new peer-to-peer marketplace well you will be able to create buy sell and share nfts so let's just go through here and if you know any more in size just leave them under under this video so just interesting to see what what you think will it be bigger than open c with will it be really a huge hit or or no so uh you can join the whitelist for early access to coinbase nft so you can just go to that blog and then join it um so today we are announcing coinbase nft a peer-to-peer marketplace that will make minting purchasing showcasing in this car and nifty is easier than ever just uncoil just as coinbase helped millions of people access bitcoin you want to do sign for nfts um coinbase and ift is creative and creator first create an nft should be as simple as tapping a few buttons and seeing more complicated is a barrier to create creativity so that's that's a new approach um yeah because like in openc another like competitor yeah you can just applaud your audios or yeah or video but you can't create that here for example i think maybe they will create like nft creator studio you can also develop a community um and to allow everyone from nft going by 7ft is to allow everyone to benefit from their creative spark and there are some early screenshots here you can see them so it looks very nice so you can just sign up for early access and regular updates by visiting coinbase.com nft slash announce so there you have it super interesting so what do you guys think will it be bigger than open c mintable or foundation app or all these like nft communities which are emerging or not like imagine all these users uh folks who have like crypto assets will just jump into this coinbase nft and just pour all this all this money into like nft projects yeah so that's just interesting

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