so how many messages can you send in chai app so if you're in a free plan in the free tire i think you can send up to 100 messages per day to all the different bots so not to one bot but to all bots overall you can send like different messages so if i just start to send it here uh you can see it's just some like test message and then i will see that i already sent like four messages and i will see here 96 messages left and then to upgrade i'll just need to you know go into my account and type get premium so that's the idea um yeah they just recently introduced this new update in the app before that you could have sent like unlimited messages but then the app started to crash because the app just wanted the more in the top charts in the app store and there were influx of users and it started to crash so they they'll introduce this limit maybe it was a way to monetize the app obviously but anyways it's what it is thank you for checking it out

Check Daily Workflow Emails Limit i...
Check Daily Workflow Emails Limit in Salesforce
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