What is DAMUS APP? Quick preview

so what is damu's app it's it's getting circles in the news and it says it's the social network you control the very your very own Twitter for your friends or business so it's one of the Twitter alternative apps and this app is very decentralized even more than Mastodon I think so on this app you're in control it's built on open internet protocols there is no platform that can banners under you you're in control of your data and speech encrypted and to an encrypted private messaging no registration required creating an account doesn't require a phone number you might learn name get started right away with zero friction novel servers required messages are distributed via decentralized relays programmable earn money tip your friends posting stack sets with Bitcoin and uh yeah this how it's called Noster I think or I don't know which cryptocurrencies this app is based on so yeah like it's not yet available on the on the App Store uh but you can join the test flight better so here you can just tap here and then you will just be redirected to the test flight app and then you can just join that test flight option so there you have it something around it you can also check out their Twitter so if you just go to their Twitter account uh follow their updates uh you can see it's followed by Jack Jack Darcy Twitter founder um so yeah you can see that even Jack has it on on the on his home screen so there you have it

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