What is DANK token?

hello everyone so i just discard in my metamask wallet some dunk token um so i'm just trying to figure out what that exactly is it says let's just go here through the coin market cap and market data is on track dank token is a permission last open source landing protocol based nintendo smart cord which aims to solve the problem of inefficiency of funds and define market and build a fixed income market because any user who uses a protocol to obtain variable interest rates is the first to propose a forward interest rate contract swap model by some variable interest rate market users can also release the forward income of the token at any time to obtain instant fixed income so that protocol interesting what that is uh there is no like uh market data and i don't know if i don't think sports anything but i can just open up my metamask account and then yeah so i tried to swap it but then you will see the so here i have 2000 tank and then i have yeah so i don't know where did it come from but anyways something like that so hope yeah if you have any other details like uh um so anyways i hope that can be helpful and thank you for watching

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