What is DUAL in INSTAGRAM REELS? Is it a BeReal copy?

so what is instagram duels in instagram reels this feature was kind of silently uh introduced and the idea of it is that you can use both front and back camera simultaneously while recording reels so it's only working for instagram reels it doesn't work for any other features so you can record using your phone's front and back camera simultaneously to share another perspective using the dual feature in instagram camera so basically for example if i open instagram and then i tap on uh to post and then i select real i have this dual feature in the left sidebar so then i can just select it and then i can try to record for me it's still a bit glitchy and buggy doesn't work but that's the idea uh like a lot of people are saying that this feature is is clearly a copy of be real as instagram is always aggressively doing you know when snapchat other stories instagram got that when uh tick tock became so popular instagram tried to really get all of that and create more vertical videos and instead introduce reels and now when the real app is is going viral instagram is introducing this dual feature but the whole idea of be real is that you can have you know authentic experience you can just share your desk where you're traveling and without all this like posh and like super filtered instagram lifestyle you can show your real lifestyle in be real but instagram seems it's just added this camera feature and now uh it's you know it's just you can take photo and plus it's a bit glitchy be real it's also glitchy but uh yeah instagram the real dual mode is also kind of glitchy so yeah but it's there so again in the sidebar on the left there is a dual button and this is camera with the plus so try it out it's not available anywhere else on instagram post or anything like that

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