What is EYES EMOJI on SnapChat Plus stories?

what do the eyes mean on Snapchat story so if you're a Snapchat Plus subscriber you will see this new eyes emoji under your stories so if you see your stories you will see a number of views like for example 52 and then to the right of that you will see eyes emoji and number next to it and the number next to is Emoji accounts how many friends have rewatched your store not the total number of times it's been rewatched their watch indicator does not show which friends to watch your story um so yep that's basically the the idea uh to see if anyone has ever watched the story you have posted step on it then swipe up so just swipe up and you will see this kind of suggestion like this eyes emoji yeah uh and again number means that it just shows the number of friends for a virtual store and not the total number of views so it's not like showing that that there were assertive views or tenant use it means that like if their number is 10 it means that there were like 10 friends who have watched your stories meaning they watched your story more than one time so yeah that's about that uh you need to be Snapchat Plus subscriber um this feature is available not around the world it's only us UK a few European countries I think but it's rolling out uh to other countries

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