so here's a new feature on YouTube you can just tap and it says go live together streaming on YouTube just got better now you can invite people to go live with you and add remove or mute them anytime create a public or unlisted stream previewer video and audio hosts are responsible for the streams content so yeah this is kind of like a cost streams feature on YouTube it's quite interesting um so yeah let's just learn more uh yeah it was just recently announced so I just opened my YouTube app and now I see this so eligible creators can invite a guest to live stream with them using mobile phone to go live your live stream feed will show up about your guests um you can schedule live stream with a guest from your computer real live control room and then go live from your mobile phone or you can go live immediately from your mobile phone so you can do that you can go live together with a gas you can rotate guests on your live stream you can only have one guest appear on your live stream at the time [Music] so that's that you can read all the instructions you can join the stream as a guest as well uh all the ads are showing up on these streams and the host this channel is responsible for live content so you can create the link to inviteco streamer you can reset link so all of these features so of course yeah it's a new feature on YouTube but it's not a weighted one because there is so much software on our streaming software like restream so many other apps like because live streaming is becoming mainstream in many countries people just enjoy like live stream alerts and watchings are influencer favorite creators in live mode not just recorded videos and yeah it's a nice addition that now you can invite gas also

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