What is GOD MODE & how to upgrade in GAS app?

what is God mode in in the gas app so this is their upgrade service which which is a monthly subscription and it unlocks these features so you can get unlimited hints you can see the first letter of someone who voted for you you can see two bonus reveals I see the full name of someone who bought it for you twice you can see have double coins and earn double coins when voting on pause crash Alerts get notified when someone adds themselves to your post or Anonymous mode SunPass 100 anonymously um so that's that and God mode is not free you might guess so people feel comfortable sending compliments compliments almost anonymously um yeah so that's that uh of course that makes sense that you need to upgrade to see who sent these compliments but this God mode is not available for everyone the guys app is slowly rolling out across more States and more schools so in the beginning it was just available in few States and few schools but if you are already there and your school is saying you still might not have got more uh so it can be purchased by tapping the button see who likes you on your inbox or inside of a poll you received it is currently being rolled out to a limited number of users so check back to see if you have it so that's basically the idea is God mode private is 100 private gas does not show which users have got mode um so yeah you can read more on their website gazab.co it's like currently this app is not available worldwide it's not available to everyone so I'm just going here to the support center hopefully it will be soon available to more users and I will show you in more detail how it looks like in the app

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