What is iCloud Shared Photo Library in iOS16?

so uh apple just announced a cool feature which is icloud shark library it's coming with ios 16. so basically this feature using is using icloud photos app just your standard photos app and you can have a new way to share photos seamlessly with a separate cloud library that is up to six users can collaborate on contribute to and enjoy users can choose to share existing photos from their personal library to share a base and a start date or people in the photos so additional users will receive intelligent suggestion to share photos that includes participants so yeah i'm not sure like if it's uh there is a similar feature in the in the google photos app which is called just like a shared album i think is is that something like that so basically the idea is that i can add uh people to this album and then all the photos in there will be shared with other people um so uh every user in the shared photo library has access to add that delete or edit file with the shared photos so that's basically how it looks like so yeah as you can see here are the photos you can just move them to shared library and then you can just share these photos which is other and then you can just have a toggle in the camera app itself to to send photos directly to the shared library so i think yeah that's like that's analog of shared album in the in the google photos where you can just add all the users to collaborate on one album and all these photos will be shared automatically to all these users so yeah that's a cool feature so it's coming with ios 16.

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