What is Instagram Group Profiles? New feature preview

there is this new feature coming to Instagram called group profiles you will soon be able to create and join this new type of profile to share posts and stories in a dedicated shares profile with your friends now you share a content to a group profile it will only be shared to your group profile plus its members so for example you're just hanging out with your friends you're going for a trip together or something like that so yeah then uh you will just be able to create you know like let's create all together we are like five people let's create a group profile on Instagram and we'll just share stories of our trip there and only uh uh yeah it will be shared only to our group as I understand maybe to everyone now seems just like to or your group uh yeah and then um that's that's basically it um uh and then yes pretty cool feature actually um there are a lot of cases I I can actually remember myself that sometimes you just need like a profile where it would be nice to have like multiple people managing it and uploading different photos but you don't want to do it from Just One account and just share a login or something like that so that's why group profiles is pretty interesting feature let's see how it develops

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