What is Krisp noise cancelling app?

What is Krisp noise-canceling app? It is a new trending app that can greatly improve your meetings. While it is currently only available for laptops and not as a mobile app, Krisp enhances productivity in online meetings through AI-powered voice clarity and meeting assistance.

There are versions of Krisp for both Mac and Windows. This app works by eliminating background voices and other noises in the same room, allowing only your voice to be heard during a call. Imagine being in a meeting surrounded by people talking in a co-working space or any other noisy environment. Krisp effectively removes these additional voices, providing a clear communication channel for you.

The app offers a variety of features to enhance your experience. It allows you to toggle different background noises such as barking dogs, crying babies, keyboard clicks, and fan sounds. These are all commonly heard and distracting noises that can be present in your office or home when working remotely. Krisp gives you the ability to eliminate these unwanted sounds from your online meetings.

Krisp acts as a smart layer between your device and any online communication solution. This means it seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Zoom, Skype, GoTo Webinars, Slack, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. With just a single click, Krisp eliminates all background noise, ensuring a focused and productive meeting.

The app has gained significant recognition and positive reviews. Its unique concept has earned it numerous rewards and considerable traction. To try Krisp out for yourself, simply sign up with your Google or Microsoft account and give it a whirl.

In conclusion, Krisp noise-canceling app offers an innovative solution to the ongoing challenge of background noise in online meetings. By removing unwanted voices and sounds, Krisp enhances voice clarity and improves overall meeting productivity. With its compatibility across various popular communication platforms, Krisp is a valuable tool for anyone wanting a noise-free meeting experience. Sign up today and give it a try!

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