What is Meta AI in Instagram? Upcoming feature

So what is meta AI in Instagram? According to a report by Alessandro Pelosi, it appears that meta AI in chat is an upcoming feature for Instagram. This feature will introduce AI chatbots to the app, which has received mixed reviews from users.

To give you some context, Snapchat already has a similar AI chatbot feature. However, it was automatically pinned at the top of the chats and could only be removed by upgrading to Snapchat Plus. Many users found this annoying. It remains to be seen whether Instagram will take a similar approach.

The basic idea behind meta AI is to introduce AI characters into chats. The meta AI system will be available 24/7 to assist users and enhance productivity. It is important to note that personal messages will remain private - the system can only read messages sent to meta AI.

While it is unclear when this feature will be available or if it will be implemented at all, it is interesting to note the rising popularity of AI chatbots in various applications. Apps like the Chai app allow users to create and chat with their own AI chatbots. This feature has proven to be engaging, particularly for teenagers. The technology has advanced to the point where some AI characters are quite convincing, making it difficult to differentiate them from real people.

As with any upcoming feature, it is worth monitoring how meta AI in Instagram develops. While some users may find it useful and engaging, others may have reservations. Only time will tell if Instagram chooses to push this feature to its users.

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