What is PULSEX token? How to SACRIFICE?

so what is pulsex uh so pulse 6 is a token it's it's kind of uh you can't buy it you can buy it yet uh but uh at the moment there is a policy sacrifice program where you can just you know sacrifice some ethereum or some other ethereum tokens to this token you can go to pulsings.info and then you can just do that do not sacrifice directly from your exchange sacrifice from your own wallet um so then you can just connect your meta mask and you can just tap next it's like the network you would like to sacrifice on and then yeah you can just select where you want to sacrifice on and then just send send to this address some ethereum or any others tokens like here uh so that's the idea um and then there is this website pulsex.com so that one was paul six dot info you can see that they use this sacrifice so far you can see all the tokens from this this was sacrificed and then the sacrifice rate increases five percent in like in eight days on january 10th uh so yeah and the idea is that by sacrificing it you got you are getting some all six points uh the the faster you sacrifice the lower the radius so meaning uh like uh that for to get 10 000 points you will need to to get like 10 dollar you need to pay for like 10 dollars on february 25th so yeah and then yeah so that's that um [Music] and then yeah hopefully you you can then exchange these coins to plsx which will be like a separate token which will be released and then yeah you'll be able to exchange that after the pulse chain my knight release sacrifices will be able to access their free plsx tokens uh you can follow paul's sex telegram chat pulsex twitter the world's largest yield farm full sex goal pulse x is designed to increase in value high yields the most transparent trading the world efficiency uh or cheap trading right so you can just go to this website and read it through here so politics is a token around as i understood it is around uh freedom of movement and assembly and and um that these are the things that are protected human rights the politics sacrifice is greater than a set of people that believe the freedom of movement and somehow protect a human right sacrifice to prove you believe so that's that and you can join the reddit pulse chain so i can just join that it's an ethereal fork with cheaper fees higher throughout and fee burning when is it and does anyone have any details on it like dollar to checkpoints and stuff like that so people are asking about sacrifice seven days ago it was just that there is no official release date that's just starting a few days uh so day one you got 10k points per dollar sacrifice day two you got 900 500 per and stuff like that uh so can someone explain me how sacrificing works and what sacrificing your token actually means sacrificing it means you're giving your coins away and will never get them back nor benefit from them in any way after you sacrifice them you might get an airdrop of free tokens later as a result so you send your tokens to an address and then are no longer yours they will never benefit your error again you'll get some worthless points in exchange when posting lunches you will likely get some free products talking but based on how many points you have it is an hour broad way to decide how the airdrop is distributed which has implications for securities loss and tax purposes so yeah that's that's basically that if you sacrifice then you won't receive anything if you sacrifice one person like madame that you have to see it right then two then you're good so that's about it like i'm just reading heroes through the reddit of course if you know like uh what's that about so [Music] that is the idea here um yeah if you if you have any other details on pulsex or posix sacrifice how much did you donate it like do you think is it is a cool project uh i i don't know like you can join our telegram here you can join our twitter it's always we with crypto project i think it's a good idea just to do some research if there is a discord just join the discord and browse through the the community and here you can see you can see here and you can see that the pulsex is just.com it just has two tweets um so it just depends if this if this uh token will become big then yeah it's a good saying if it's not then you can lose some money but this already has 8 600 followers so that's about that there are two websites you can read faq here i don't know if you if you know any insights or searches leave it in them in the comments below under this video how many pls x will be their supply the supply of plsx will be determined by the total usd values that will be sacrificed all pls will be minted to sacrifices no developer location or thresher nor islanders that can any pls-x can i see the code soon uh so is there like some github repository or something what is hacks hacks.com is the first uh blockchain cdr drop for free to bitcoin holders monetizes time but allowing users to study their accounts for a fixed amount of time the price of hacks has gone up or thousand ten thousand x so far it was founded by richard hart so yeah so hope this quick insight was helpful um thank you for watching subscribe to my crypto podcast look for mr hakio

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