You can find Revolut Smart Delay in the Revolut Hub.

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Lounge and Smart Delay
Live it up in over 1,000 airport lounges worldwide with our Premium and Metal plans

Flight delayed by more than an hour? Upgrade to get free airport lounge passes for you and up to three friends with Revolut Smart Delay.

Revolut Premium and Metal customers can wait in style with discounted rates at 1000+ airport lounges globally

It is available on Revolut Premium and Metal plans.


okay so what is revolut smart delay so you can find it in the hub uh in the revolut app and in the travel section there is smart delay but it's only available on bait plans the idea is that if your flight is delayed by more than one hour there is a free launch pass for you and your friends and you can just spend time in the lounge so yeah but it's only available on the metal or premium um so yeah smart delight free lunch excess for you and one friend if you go with the metal a free lunch except for you and three friends if your flight is delayed for hour and hour so also you can get a car car higher excess or when something happened with the car or something like that and all of that so additionally there is like a lounge airport lounge at cheap rates you can upgrade your plan for access to or 1000 airport lounges worldwide at low prices just book a pass and yeah so again it's either metal or premium [Music] so it's not for free but it's at the lower price and it's also available on the [Music] pre like premium cheaper card but again i think it's not free it's just you can have access and a cheaper price so that's how it works

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