What is Scoir app? Overview

what is square app so score is a kind of college social media app find your college feed identify your talents so let's just use it identify it talents and apply with confidence all for free find your feet take a college preference quiz to find College matches you profile pages to discover more about colleges you are interested in follow colleges that you are interested in learning about collaborate apply begin the application process for Coalition member and yeah so that's quite popular app during this like late summer um and then you can create your account either with Google email or so here you just need to search some school and then you just need to uh link your user email account which you are using at that specific School so that's basically the idea um yeah that's how you create an account in in the app um you can see 1.4 K ratings 4.8 out of 5 average rating actually really like this app for searching colleges it states a lot of important information about the collagen and said about Transportation application fees and many more um great app doesn't work not as good as website so yeah there is also a website like that so you can try it out

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