What is send & vanish in LiveStatus app?

here's life status app and what is sand and vanish so it's like pretty cool feature basically so okay let's just take some photo so for people who don't know this app is like a locket widget or it's like a app where you create widgets on your home screen for you and uh and then yeah and your friends and then basically the idea is that you send photos to your friends they receive it and see videos from you on the home screen then you can just select this who you want to send or go to the next screen and then for example I will just show you as an example so here is my widget here and I just want to tap send and vanish it's a cool feature and then you just send it here shown on widget and then if this photo is kind of a bit blurred it will be blurred for your friends meaning that they can only see it once and when they tap on this photo they can see it once and then the photo will vanish and disappear so I don't know there are some bugs but like anyhow that's the idea and then they will bring directors to the chat or something like that so it's pretty cool uh and then the photo will be deleted and it says the photo is vanished uh I still should be able to see that though so okay let's just try to reload the app so yeah I just needed to restart the app because seems it was a bit buggy but then yeah if your friends tap on these photos they will be directed to your chat they can tap on the horror and then they can just watch it like this and after that the photo is vanished and it also disappears from your widget so it's pretty cool that's what it is

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