What is SIMSIMI app?

so what is simsimi app uh here it is and basically with this app you can create a virtual ai chatbot so if you're bored or you don't have anyone to talk to you can just use simsimi app and then just you know reach out to to this app and yet have some ai conversations okay so for some reason it's not loading but yeah it's recently started to climb in the in the charts so uh everyone seems see me meet everyone seems who is always consistent when you're bored you can say anything to simsimi create your own simschemi a variety make friends get to know each other enjoy the conversation so yep you can see there are just six thousand ratings yet so not that mark far but it's a start the app is creepy of course because it's ai chatbot the app was here for a while but now it's getting some traction it was the only chatbot i knew uh [Music] so yeah it's not learning but now the app seems it's improved and there are many apps in this category which are taking off like chai app or jam souls like you know chatbot apps but there you have it here is the chat bot and you can basically talk to it and of course uh it will learn from your answers it will create a new model and then you can just [Music] just continue conversations and yeah it just depends like how it goes you can delete conversation you can report so that's and then you can also create your own simsimi you can then uh search for different uh different chatbots and then you can just chat with them but you can only chat with them after you created your own simsimi so maybe these are also like different users uh so yeah i actually don't know which of them are bots which of them are real people so that also maybe it's funny you can have auto chat try to have more conversation or teacher sim simi you can enable that you can see some recent chats uh ryan simsimi you can add friend you can then talk uh so yeah something around it so that's basically i checked what app where the more you chat the more you unlock some perks and yeah just enjoy it interesting concept so have fun

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