What is SPOTIFY BLEND FRIENDS MIX playlist? How to enable?

i'm just going to hear us through what is spotify blend it's kind of a new wild feature where you can invite your friend to this playlist and it will automatically update what are your top songs uh from you and your friend and you can invite up to 10 friends but basically there is also an extension to that it's called blend friends mix friends mix is a shared playlist that combines your music taste with the taste of friends you're in one on one bland swiss so basically you can get your friends mix playlist one you're in three one-on-one blends so for example here i am in in one blend then i need to create two more and then in my library here i will see a playlist which is called friends mix which is basically combines my music tastes with taste of my at least three friends and it's constantly updated in real time depending on my listening activity so for example if i added a new song and i start listening to it actively it will be added in my playlist so yeah this is what this spotify friends mix is and how to get it

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